Monday, June 03, 2013

Tour de Balkan 2013 - Episode 1 - Bo(ring)hdalec

In accordance to the "Guidance for Help to Second Europe Countries" commited by European Parliament the second stage of Czech B-ranking was held in Bulgarian ville of Bogdalevts. And obviously it was a true episode of  Tour de Balkan: boring terrain, silly tracks and poor beer (Starasofia). At least that the weather was indulgent.
Despite everything above His Majesty made an excellent effort on Saturday long distance and after less than two hours of run We had safely defended the third place (from the bottom). Because of a relegation to C-league for Sunday middle distance His Majesty could enjoy a couple of beers with BT guys but no police investigation has been registered so far. The middle distance was also True Balkan so His Majesty packed Our sacks and went back to Our capital city - Vltava above Prague.

 Local speciality of Zdgarska: pico-pictograms for long distance
(with local safety matches for comparsion)

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