Sunday, June 09, 2013

Nimburg Trials

The Wednesday PPŽ was called of because of floods so I replaced the race on map with a training according to the movie "Wool Runnings" - drinking of beer and wine combined with bobsleigh at Machalka. But I survived so I could enjoy another races which were organised by DuckTales and Footprint in Nimburg.

1st Trial
The first race took place in the historical center of Nimburg and it was very nice and interesting except the last part which led around the firefighters ground. In the end of the race I acquierd a lesson from precise map-reading. From control number 14 I thought I would use a path through a bush but it was an auxiliary contour line.

Map with my routechoices from the 1 stage

2nd Trial
The second race must have been inspired by Saint Hildegard von Bingen and her world-known nettle medicine. Sprint is a short discipline so the treatment must be very intensive and so it was. The race consists of two doses interrupted by an asphalt circuit around basketball courts. And the result of His Majesty: 17 minutes, 40 seconds, 26th place and happy face (as shown in the picture below).

His Majesty is content after rough nettle therapy

It was a luxury Saturday with interesting races framed by a bunch of local Aftercutting beer.

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