Friday, June 28, 2013

"It's Madness." "No, This Is Steeplechase!"

On Wednesday King Veličenstvidas led three Spartans to the battle at Děkankopylae againts the Pgpersian horde and their eastern allies.

This is SPARTAAA!!!
There is no need to write about the race because all was said in the biggest hit of Bohemia 5-days 2003. Just one picture in the moat after the battle.

There was the last order ahead of us: "Spartans! Tonight we dine in souterrain!" And really we Dine Hard there with Zachary, Hubert and Hudecek. But there was one more big obstacle - the way home with a blowing finish just past the tram station. In the morning I can see the miracle of the food chain: what once was my dinner has magically changed to a breakfast for pigeons. That made my day.
It's Friday and the ram horns are still there at Red Hill


Anonymous said...

Maybe the King should not drink Hubert from PET. Only plebs can do so.

His said...

Beer from plastic, it's fantastic.