Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Long Way from Short Race

What to write about the Czech Championship on Short Distance (Middle in Czech) when I failed to qualify for the race? Better nothing because I ran only training class and so it cannot be counted as a stage of TdB 2013. So let's have a short look on the maps from long training and go ahead.

Saturday T4

Sunday T4

Below You can read why the Balkan trips are so cruel for the exalted Royal nobility as the voyage from the eastern remote county to Our capital city took me 11 hours.
13:07 CET: Leaving competition center at Qytetin e Vjetër nën Maldëborë
16:47 CET: Arrival at Holesovice railway station and taking public transport to the Bushtecastle track
17:07 CET: Arrival at Dejvice railway station and waiting for Our Royal Train. Why not drink one beer to overcome the waiting?
18:07 CET: Still waiting for the Train. Let's have another beer....
19:07 CET: Still drinking beer.
20:07 CET: Drinking beer
21:07 CET: Beer.
22:07 CET: Still waiting for the Train. Beergarden is closed so let's wait inside and drink some more.
23:07 CET: Beer.
23:47 CET: Fuck off with the train. Let's go for a tram.
00:27 CET: Finally arrival at Home...

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