Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Wild West and East End

This weekend was full of races around the city of "G" to remind the friendship between Belgians and Hungarians. It consisted of four championships in relays and sprint on Saturday and one local cup race on Sunday. Below is a short summary.

1st leg: In the memory of WWII

The Liberation Cup was held on the Bolevec beach near Oostende(1 on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Belgium(2. It was my premier start in a relay race for my new club and my team was really great: Spermophilus and False Coalman. The controls right after the start were hidden in the Nazi entrechments and the controls in the end were hidden in the mine-fields(3 around beach. The crucial point was the route-choice to the spectators control where one cound choose between drowning in a swamp or running all the way from the east end of Oostende beach. The final poisiton of our team corresponded to being the "A-team." We finished very close to the first position from the bottom.

See track-track Montgomery (orange) versus Rommel (red)

1) The world largest sea harbour beginning with double „O“.
2) Allied forces deliberated Belgium in september 1944 (according to a novel by A.Hitler "How I Lost the War" (88-publishers, Berlin)).
3) Former army mines from WWII are now replaced by under-paper human mines.

2nd leg: Nyugat-Csehország bajnokságot sprint

Center of the afternoon sprint race was situated at the commercial zone of Kossuthvaros(4. I have never seen such an equipped competition centre before. You could get almost everything from cotton candy, jelly snakes and energy celles to antifreeze blend and car wiper.

The competiton area was sweet as the name of the map Makoš II(5 but many of the runners were wandering through the park like Ondřej Vesecký(6 while searching the Nép Stadium in Budapest(7. Precise effort of His Majesty made him finish just in seven-eighths of twenty minutes.

4) Hometown of Lajos Kossuth  Hungarian freedom-fighter.   
5) Makos guba – Hungarian Christmas dessert.   
6) Czech athelete born 1955 in Prague. European champion in 1 500 m (EC 1986 Stuttgart). Holder of IOC Fair-play Award (see „Letná tunnel incident“ for further information).   
7) Former capital city of Slovakia named after a curd spread.

Epilogue: Málo slávy u Úslavy

Honestly Sunday long distance were definitely two middle races divided by two long routes. And finally another Timber(8 gained – mission accomplished.

8) A piece of wood. "Magical artefacts representing a phallic symbol are mostly widespread in native cultures. The object is believed to be followed by an unearthly power". (Charles Darwin  "Descent of Man to Emotions") 

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