Monday, April 14, 2014

Pisson Issom

As the knowledge of the sprint rules is very low among the orienteers the IOF together with the national federations has come up with a new educational campaing.

The Czech mutation of the new IOF add

On this occasion let's have a look at some misunderstanding of the "sprint-key" and learn some useful hints for sprints. For example we can investigate the still fresh Prague Sprint Championship. 

Case merging: Train parkour, gain skills like Spiderman and then you can easily surpass any double-cliff. Or is it something else what's going on?

Case mr(a)čoun: Now what does the symbol 707 should mean? Maybe a line 0,7 mm?
No, why not use two thin lines, just for sure!

And finally the golden nail of the race: the stupidest sprint route in the history of orienteering.

Homework for readers: take a look what chapter 2.4 of ISSOM says and write a short essay about a consumer society. Please send your opinions to:

Attention: the text below is a personal statement

Sprague Print Championship

That's all to the Truth. It is time for my subjective aspect. Great race – I didn't get trapped so I am more than satisfied with my result. And afterall I went over seven thousands of ranking points for the first time since may 2012. Excellent gain from a sprint race over 22 minutes.
Rating of my result: 117,68%

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