Friday, April 11, 2014

Preparing for Prague Championship

As the local very prestige championship in long sprint is getting near His Majesty decided to improve his sprint skills. Because the competitors (His Majesty) from Our Kingdom weren't allowed to participate in the EOC in Portugal I must find another challenge and the Third World Park League is perfect for me. The conditions are not so different from the high-class races: no lampions on the controls, amateur map and little prize-money. Today stage was held in Green Town.

Green Town Sprint 2014 - whole map
The second crucial point on the track was the route-choice to the second control. The first crucial point was surprisingly the route-choice to the first control. 

Third crucial point on the track

Below You can see the results - great performance by His Majesty. And now it is time to regenerate and get prepared for tommorow race where the competition will be even tougher. 

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