Wednesday, June 01, 2016

PPŽ – summary / delay / mercy is still alive in Czech Republic

42./DNS/26./26. on PPŽ 


 It's time to make some statement about my runs at PPŽ. 

I have a mixed feeling, cause it could have been better, but also much worse. But in retrospective I can say I’m satisfied with not yet the Cup finished. The worst performance came on the second tier during race in which i didn't compete. I lost contact with the race at the forking of underground after I went with metro line A although the race was at the terminal station of line C. Before every PPŽ race I don't feel like I'm going to screw it. I want to fight... but almost everybody is running even better than me. I would write it's really nice to have such a strong bronze men's team... but it could sound a little gay.

One really unpleasant experience came on Wednesday afternoon. I entered myself into upcoming Pupils Cup jungle sprint. I asked God if I can start in the race after I finished elementary school in the beginning of this millennium. Nobody cared. So I raced and lost myself. An obstacle appeared on my way to the race. A guy at the train station asked me 14 Czech crowns for ticket from Prague-Havelville to Hostmore. That was cruel. In Czech Republic you know it's advantage to use public transport. After the race of PPŽ I decided to run home on the same day! haha... Fame on you Bottle, Honorpine and others... You shouldn't probably train as much, if such an lame competitor can't finish less then 9-14 minutes after you. I am 25th nobody and nobody care. And everyone is even happy cause I bring my Royal credit to the race. But nobody would have played rules against the Majesty in any case I'm sure. I have no power to glorify anyone because I had to run all the way back home. Although being a not as young - little bit veteran without any ambitions.

They call it Pupils Cup but none from the competitors is pupil and not at all none of them figure high. And when I tried to roll in nettle this is what happened. I'm fucked up. Now I'm focusing just on inside Prague races and international biathlon races for the rest of the year. Current World Cup standings.

(exhausting anabasis back to Kingdom)

Maybe I took it too personally but that's me. I'm not gonna spend fucking 14 CZK on train back home.

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