Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Swan Song at Aswan

It is more than half a year since the last post on this blog but don't be sad, not many orienteering happened in the last six months of His Majesty. As another winter season started it is time to take some serious running drill. Anyway todays cold weather isn't very motivating for any training so why not spend some time in a little bit warmer climate.

So His Majesty visited the land of pharaohs to attended the race "Tour de Nile Valley". The weather was hot and the sightseeing was cool. We visited a sleeping mummy in a tomb near the 3rd control, we waded through the River of Nile, we climbed up steep sandy dunes at the 5th control, we reached the peak of the Pyramid of Cheops at the 9th control.

For other monuments see the map below:

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