Sunday, January 15, 2017

Gigantic Achievment

The 15th of Janury 2017 will be written in the history of O-sports in frozen letters as a day of returning of SOC (Skate Orienteering Competitions) to the calendar of PZL after nearly a five year delay. This skating event also became a world record holder of the lowest number of competitors who completed the race on skates. The final number was 0 out of 13 successful runners/skiers.

The race took place at the Floods Pond which really suits to the type of competiton which could be easily described like a waterskiing on ice. So it wasn't weird to absolve a part of the race off the ice.

And no to the results in a brief. An amazing performance by His Majesty - first podium in his first start of year 2017. So let's move to other big aims of this year.


Map of Serbian Giant (note: gigantic size)

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