Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Organisatia Dementia

When You are organizing the Prague Winter League for two hundreds of competitors, all You need is a couple of people and up to twenty checkpoints....

...but when You are organizing the Prague Championship in Night Orienteering, You need: twenty organizers, fourty checkpoints, twenty diplomas, a stack of permissions. And all that for eighty runners.

But that was the better part of our weekend events in Frontal Kickmeat. The crucial point came on Sunday without Sun and with about three hundreds of cars to be parked.

But first You have to know how it looks like when His Majesty has to park his own carriage. For example at this parking in Coolec:

It is like: "Oh, please stop, don't hit the bus stop!"

So can You imagine someone parking there?

Challenge accepted.

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