Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fifty Thousands of Gays

Another milestone in my orienteering career is here! My blog reached fifty thousands of views. Fifty thousands, can You ever imagine it? For better understading: fifty thousands is like fifty times one thousand or a square root of 2,5*E9. So here are some stats.

The less I publish the more followers I have. But I am sorry, I don't do it for an ephemeral fame so I will bring You another load of silly articles. Anyway the 18th of February is now going to be The Velič's Day. (Maybe the Valentine will have some troubles from now on...)

Thanks to all (three) readers, (thousands of) bots, (crowd of) spammers, seventeen fans of Zeldaporn...

...and also the travel agency Yugo-star!

The article should be ended by a positive tagline:

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