Wednesday, March 25, 2015

From Zero to Hero

What to do when my running is slowly turning into walking? Then there is nothing better than joining the running section of the Czech Tourists Club. There is a lottery with nice prizes and only one condition - reaching the finish.

The first encounter was last June when we attended the run from the Museum of Thimble to the Botanic garden. There were five runners and three prizes. So it looks promising, BUT!

The second encounter was this Saturday - the first day of Spring. The run started at Deeppegs, with an impasse to Ghoulyně Train Station and then going past the Dam of Aswan finishing at the Solar Square. Unfortunately we had Gabriela-Soukalova-alike start (see the electric pencil analysis below).

But all well that ends well (or near a well - but at the best near a kiosk with a tap)! This time we "solve" the lottery and win a backpack.

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