Tuesday, September 09, 2014

I Go On XXI - Tour des Balkans Petites

Mascocote of the race
One would have expected that Economists know the old Truth: „Time is money.“ But everything is different in the Balkans. So it started with the start which was postponed twice so I had to wait more than twenty minutes more for my first start since my June failure at the Bunny Mine. The race soon gaind steep trend but the best was yet to come. And that was a little excursion to the „Praguebitch Sport Complex.“ There was a crucial choice from 6th to 7th control. There has been a big discussion about the best way but You know the another old Truth: „Who doesn't cheat is cheating own family.“

Being the last boy scout should be very frustrating and could cost a lot of mental power which later I missed for searching checkpoint in the homeless slopes of Vitusmetal Hill. So that happened to be a second disqualification in a row...

Corrected results according to ISSOM

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