Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Red Hand - Dement

„Doufáme, že se Vám nakonec tratě i přes jejich náročnost líbily a že Vás neodradily od Vaší účasti na našich dalších závodech.“
Katie Cash & Springer Pole, 9th June 2014

Yes, as You hope. I've been discouraged not only from Your races....

But get back to the beginning. The weekend races have balls. Big balls. Exactly the camel balls in that arid conditions. Fortunately down in the village of Littlemonk there is a candy shop where camel balls are distributed. Going faster than 3 miles per hour I managed to finish the "B-class" long distance under 144 minutes and 9 seconds. After the race I had mental power only to have Lidl dinner and to rest until the middle distance competition.

But on Sunday my goblet of bitternes had run over and I give up the race on 19th control from 21. First disqualification after more than one year is a good sign to have a break...

And finally the maps - from Saturday:
and Sunday:

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