Thursday, September 25, 2014

After Ten Years on the Crime Scene

Two weeks ago was the 10th anniversary of the sprint race in Grăzul supra Moravîţşa and the following party in Şcripoveanu - famous for example for "who piss on Bob the Builder incident". And today His Majesty came back.

Former competition bitch, now corporation and conference bitch

Then, in 2004, I was so focused on my last race in "A-class" when only 3 seconds divided me from the 25th place that I didn't join the others to visit the mansion of the Prince of Pornfolk. Necessary to tell that I hadn't possesed the Royal title that time.

Competition centre 2014 / my standing 2004

So I didn't miss it this time. Unfortunately the Prince had hid himself.

King 'n Prince selfie
I couldn't compare to the Beer-box-blog and his exotic missions but as You can see below Opava is father east than the east itself.

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