Sunday, April 12, 2015

Back in the Saddle - Bohemian Horror Story

Another Easter training camp is over and this year edition should be summarized into two words: a blizzard and a tea boiler. I know it doesn't make any sense in English but in Czech language it is such a funny stuff (blizzard = vánice, tea boiler = várnice). The blizzard reffers to the quantum of snow and the tea boiler reffers to beer drafted in it.

The other side of the camp was the survey of the terrain for the Federalampions under the Saddle which will be held in May. The terrain is hard but nice. However get ready for the close encounters of third kind. The forest around the Castle of Casper is haunted. A couple of White Ladies were spotted in the local inn and His Majesty was attacked by the Ghost of Casper. It came out of nowhere - a cold stab into my head which nearly knocked me out. Not much evidence can be found on the internet  - only a probable appearance of the Ghost of Casper (1st picture) any my real appearance after the attack (2nd picture).

Casper the ghost of Casper Castle

Bloodfie after the attack

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