Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Tur de Balkan Episode 1 - Aftermath

The Tur de Balkan is like Tour de Balkan without the O. The episode one took place in September when His Majesty visited Grăzulsupra Moravîţşa. But this report has an appendix which is promoted together with a famous Czech fashion copmany on Unfortunately that website is only in Czech langauge. So today I would like to introdukce You my article in English. Thanks to Microsoft ® Translator. 

Haridk over Moravicí: in lock and in underlocker

Salesian haridk over Moravicí town, is dominated by two locks. And even one local station looks like the Manor House, because in fact you could say three. But like encouraging poetics based, is enough for Mr. When you get off the train right through the doors of the nádražku integrated so that you'll see in the Park on a local station. The building is connected to the bus stop.
This is actually a pub pub or bar? It is a name? I have no idea. Façade of the House probably came from the dream of only one serious mad architect sign advertising sweet, beer, making lemonade, and so on. In addition, in front of the open door is the ads on a kid. Do not hesitate and climbing in the train of qoortir, is an hour inside. Reminds me of a fair-haired where I kozlíka on bars and the Foxes have holes, but unfortunately only the next tab on the corner doing paper company themselves.
The pub has a magic atmosphere, panoramic windows overlooking the main artery through the sun broke the Conference Chair, sit several regulars and there's a pair of horns. Meanwhile, on the radio (I understand it right) report on the accident that opavském kruháči, and the bar is swept up in complexity, if possible, in a column in the city (local I look worse). So you better with Your pražáckým I sit quietly in the corner of dialect and sucking kid. But when I raise my head up and directly on the ceiling of coronary arteries? Paintbrushing has Tickets, which is dominated by Satan, I put myself into the conversation. But just as secretly sick, especially when it is to be taken from floor to ceiling. From barmaid proudly reported that it would hurt her, her assistant at the bar offered me that I'm going to fuck you. I'm not arguing for a long time, and he's excited? A guest from the table to look at "22" and not attempt to dump him, Rick "the devil is twenty-two." Yes, he's stronger than primalex inflation. Kick the devil, which require already adopted the Buffalo I. I want to let you go, I'm on the train.
I can sit here any longer, half hourly train there busy. But in Prague, the road is long. So I'm sitting toward motormachin of Opava and the only weapon, what is the area of Czech Switzerland.

Atmosphere: ***
The operation detail here: ***
Beer: **
Food: not yet rated – there are all these goodies?
Putt: wrong, I wasn't looking for


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