Monday, November 24, 2014

The Naked Gun: From the Files of PGP Squad!

This weekend His Majesty celebrated the end of his worst season in PGP jersey. It all started at my volcano and ended near Rabbstein upon Naked Gun River. The night party was so big that it hit the sport news headlines all over the world including ESPN or YouTube.

Sunday: Chilling Frying at Wok 1991
The morning race was a though challenge and I tried very hard. But after taking the countersild route-choice to the 5th control the race became a struggle for life.

But to be honest that wasn't a real mistake. It was a viral advertisement for my new sponsor - BubbleBuzol.

"It points to almost two different Norths, so I can run wherever I want."
"When I can't concetrate I took small mistake."
"When I have hangover I took bigger mistake."
"BubbleBuzol is for guys who are able to mess up the race by themselves."

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