Monday, March 24, 2014

Race of Mrrrrrr!ching Hill

The start of the spring orineteering season was launched on the planet of Dune just outside the Atreides military base. The terrain was rough and the sandworm nearly ate my legs.

Remains of the treacherous attack
I tried my best but nevertheless my progress through the race was slower than the Ordos saboteur. The Vagus Mobile has overtaken me like Shinkansen just after the map change (new Personal achievment: "to make a change of a map during a race"). But it was a tough competition between me and Slovakian Croissant on the second lap. Anyway my mental power has risen at the roundabout in the northern part of map where I saw Charcoal Burner and gained some self-confindence that I would not take the Timber. And so it was. Anyway finishing my first race for my third club not on the last position marks great expectations for the upcoming season.

Map of the race with the whole track H21L. For the results, splits and my routechice ask my mentat.

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