Monday, January 27, 2014

It Sparkles for Better Times?

The 11th stage of PWL – Good Old Sparklava took place near Drydocks in a small village of Notnachomore – the home of organic food company Country Life.

It was very cold weather but the surroundings seemed hot – the proximity of the famous colony of Hot Slope was indicated by the rainbow waterslide in the local camping site on the way to the first control.
And what about me. I was limited by a heavy wound after falling backwards on a birch stump which nearly ripped my body to my bones. However I finished the race which had been my first appearance in the new jersey and as I look at the results the Battle of Log would be a tough challenge this season. Mainly with Charcoal Burner.

If You don't want to see my route-choice then click here.

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