Sunday, January 12, 2014

Again 2 Billy Goat? Rather Not!

The start of this year did not catch me up in a good shape. After losing the yellow jersey of PWL last week in the race "The Classic of Three Kings without King,"  I made my first participation in the Billy Goat Race. In the beginning it was good but in the middle it became as scary as the Czech animated horror movie "Goat Story."

Oh My Goat! I'm so frightened
It was more than two and a half of hours of suffering, pain and wandering around the control X. Then I finally reached the finish and can go home. Anyway according to the latest counts I have scored over 300 points. And that means my overall best score ever in a single race. And there is also another one reason to celebrate. As You can see in the chart below it was my best race of current season in the points per minute succes rate.

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