Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mácha Is Lucky

Too many Œvents in the middle of the September that even His Majesty can't manage to keep up writing about it. So here is another reportage.
Just after the rancid competition at Zombie Ravine has ended there was waiting another challenging race ahead: The Days of Orientation in (Metropolitan) Nature. The event was held at Pethreen by „The Prof“ who prepared three cunning circuits: free order, memory and classic (puzzled) distnace. It was very nice afternoon for every lover of contour lines. But You know: love is love.

Map from sprint distance

You do not need to look for the results as His Majesty claimed his spot in the bottom levels of result lists as usual. But I can assign myself some honour as I maybe have beaten some of the students who tried orienteering for their first time.

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