Tuesday, September 17, 2013

2013 Zombie Ravine - Middle Distnace

The Sunday middle distance is over so here is a small article about my performance at the Zombie Ravine.

The Race

My race started in nice atmosphere as all the categories from H21A to H21E in my minute were occupied by Prague bitches...

So I started. To the first control I followed the ridge and the hit the control from upside. To the second control I went across the ravine upwards via the rock passage and then down to the control. The third one was the tricky one as the center of the round showed to white spot and I did not know where my control suppose to be but I had to deal with it and I managed it. To the fourth control I went upside from left – to the way past the feed rack and at the heap down. But I went to much left so I underwent the control and must go up. To the next control I went back up again past the feed rack downwards to the valley and then up under the rocks to the control. The control six was easy going past the contour line. The sevent control was a little bit tricky as from the map it seems to be in the rock passage but it was at the south side of the boulder. Then come the eighth control and the bigest mistake. I went up past the green patch so I was too up and the catch me up the Catman who I followed up to the wrong level of rocks. Thereafter I realized where I was and went down where I found the control for sure. The ninth control was easy just across the valley but the came control number 10 and deadly ascent where I was overwent by Little Throw from Spike and at the plateau again by Catman. Then past hunting post and across the road to control number eleven. The course from 11 to 12 was nearly the same as on Saturday race so nothing special for Sunday middle and an easy go. To the thirteenth control I went over the valley and then up. The next one was also easy as it was again similar to the Saturday classic distnace. The thicket to the fifteenth control was nearly impassable. But after I went through and over the rock I saw the control over me. The I went up and around the ravine to the last control. From the last control I went via the finish corridor to the finish lane where I finished the race.
It started to rain just after my finish so I went to the tent of PGP where there were many of Mr Ching so it was time to go home because another stage was just to start – 85th anniversary of Houtyš. But the event was intended for decent people (see the commemorative plaque) so after Krausberry the Iniquitous Majesty went back to its Court.

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