Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Maybe the Best Majesty's Article of May

Another month is over since the last blog entry so here is a short report from two main events of May.

1st paragraph: Again at Tulip - this time in U-woof

My fifth participation at the Tulip turned to a shameful defeat. My performance was really lousy so I put my results in the excel to create a spreadsheet which gave me a sorrowful feedback. I am almost six time worse than the ideal runner. But the next volume of Tulip will be held in more than 500 days so I have to improve my shape by one percent every day to gain a perfect result next year.

It is always good to find some positives and here is one: I have finished fifteen stages of Tulip without being disqualified!

Bonus for BT friends - The Museum of Blllllllllllllllll

2nd paragraph: Organizing - We are firmly in the Saddle 
This year first federal ranking competition was held by our club at the mature south of Bohemia in Albrechtville by Sushi Town. The proximity of this city well-known for Japanese food has lead to an animosity to all Chinese (see the picture from the latest protest - link).

Saturday - Everything went okay except the hockey. So I could go to the Royal bed without any concern.

Sunday - When eighteen is enough to drink beer then eighteen refresh points should be enough for long distance race. But being the CRETEN (= "Chief of Refreshment Executive of 10th level") was a though challenge. However after the discovery of the initial concept of Sunday refresh points the reality was easy-going.

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