Monday, May 05, 2014

Direction North

Last week His Majesty made an inspection journey to the northern territories. Here is a short report.

Litoměřický tulipán started under the Castle of Hazmburk and it was fun as always. Alas my great performance brought me first potatoes of the day just six seconds behind the world champion. Unfortunately the slopes of the former volcano have owergrown with thorns since the Medieval.

Competiton area of the 1st stage in the 14th Century

Libochovice Castle was the centre of the afternoon part of the races. The second stage was maybe the biggest discotheque O-race in the universe but I made it and average performance in the third stage gained me the overall potato position in my 4th participation at the Tulip.

Litvínov is well-known for ice hockey and petrochemical industry. But the races in Amongpinewoods proved that there are also nice and tough orienteering terrains. And so is the weather there in the Tough Mountains.

Chempoetrol - the greatest monument of the City of Chemists

The middle distance started with ten controls of trudging in hillside. Digging with my snout in mud almost depleted my mental power and nearly resulted in my end with orienteering. Then came the best moment of the whole day – the best goulash on orienteering races in last fourteen years.
But the biggest bomb has blown in my sprint race. I took the control descriptions from the previous race. This almost went to my nervous breakdown, another end with orienteering and over two minutes loss on the first control where I was tottering round like a drunken tourist. However I rose again got back to the race and run like a hurricane. Neither camera could get me!

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