Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Do They Know It's Christmas Time At All?

WTF? Christmas have to be the time of calm contemplation in front of a television and eating.

But because of the despotism of the organisers of O-activities His Majesty had to run and drink.

Here is a short summary of the Christmas festivities.

Saturday morning: Heroes of Mice & Magic 

The 6th stage of PWL was set up around Yizhaak, Yizhaak - the city of shattered dreams with a competition centre near the Guestcook Dam. His Majesty competed in the "B" class which was not so good for point gatherers but it was good enough for a player of "Magic: The Gathering" as there was lying some playing cards just behind the first control. Then came the first fault.

What a shame because it was an easy thing for every movie fan. See

Then came the horses and I became faint. "My Kingdom for a horse!" but noone replied so I had to finish the race on my own. And then came another fault. I think You know the old orienteering proverb: "With honesty You run the longest route."

From that point it was a classic Prague routine: fall on poisonous plants, homeless homes, spines and mud. And are You still waiting for the above mentinoned mice? Then visit the facebook account of Mr Azak who gathered up the last control together with a mouse treasure guard.

Saturday afternoon and evening: Up and Down

The Christmas wander with the Royal family was up and down from Badbreeding to Girl Castles, Ant hill, Ploughshare, Peacock hill and finally to Nagano 98.
Then the "Kotlářka" soiree down in Souterrain. His Majesty took his time with his head down on the table then he woke up and went on. On the way to the disco we exchanged a cup for pot and we got high. And then finally we went down to the Heaven.

Sunday morning: I did not attend

Sunday evening: Three strikes are enough

Praga Magica - Prague Towers - Prague Evening Paper: what they have in common?
It is every time the same insanity. Better eating carps and buying gifts. But please do not study my route-choices because it is crap.

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