Sunday, November 24, 2013

Three Flews Over Discoo's Nest

The Prague Winter League 38*53 has started this weekend by its first stage: "The Flew Over Three Ravines". The competition center was situated at the chocolate reservoir of the central Bohemian hamlet of Nice Piss - next destination for the network of Prague underground. The map named Chocolate Star II was a little bit enhanced map for MTBO. But the main elements were as usual: green forests and yellow meadows. Look below.

Map of the race with my Web-click-tool track

And what about my performance? Seriously nothing to talk about. I have been disqualified because of the false start according to the starting photo.

Ultimate evidence of my misconduct
Finally I have been banned from all orienteering events untill the end of November. So it is time to rest a little bit...

See You in December.

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