Thursday, October 10, 2013

After Hundred Years In A Quarantine And At A Football Game

The preparation for Waterville Carp is going on so I have not much time to write about some not-top races which I attended last weekend. So here is a short report.

Saturday 10/05/13: Sprint race at Jirovec Square. And it was very prestigious race as His Majesty was kept in a quarantine. The time of the day was 20:42.


My routechoice at the sprint at Jirovec Square

Sunday 10/06/13: Classic distance at Sugartop. The competition center was in Claymore. The highlight of the day was the match of Junior Carp League between Claymore and Lower Shoreville. The final result was 5:7 as the home team scored once from penalty and twice from free-kick (so they have to visit Waterville to gain more ammunition for their next play).... And my race. I became dead after 4th control but then I got enlighted at 8th control and scored the best routechoice of October.

Junior Carp League match of Claymore against Lower Shoreville

The routechoice of the month at Sugartop

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