Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Rocky Horror Majesty Show

I know it is very sad but the (tabloid) media here in the Czech Republic are only interested in death. Fortunately there is an independent reporter Velič who informs You about the greatest achievements and the most breathtaking performances in the world of rock climbing. So here is the story of His who climbed up the rocks of Bald Peak. Caution: You will not miss blood! climbed like the Superman (I mean the one who can't flight) with the right hand raised forward. It was really astonishing until...

...the Accident. A fatal error which resulted in a heavy wound of the Royal knee.

Although the Royal training load is equal to zero His Majesty still found some time to cheer up the team spirit.

Ví to táta, máma i tchýně -
nejhorší jsou ty sparťanský svině.

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