Monday, May 20, 2013

9.034!!! ....Not Ranking Points But Seconds On The Track

After my unsuccesful performance at Prague Long Distance Championship in 2011 (also known as Boran's Rocky Nests) I gathered all of the residues of mental power to accept another challenge – Prague Long Distance Championship 2013 in Screamhezky. My prediction of 150 minutes was almost precise. My race was two and a half hour and thirty-four seconds of stones, ravines, hills and stones. Ravines, stones, hills, stills, hivines, raills... Together with mud, brooks and a lack of refreshment points it was really a Solar Armageddon - and my performance was almost equal to Casper Van Dien – with one word: garbage!
As the competition center was situated in the forrest theater this article is ended by a folk poem about the race.
P.S.: Ask dad if you want to see the map.

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