Sunday, September 19, 2010

Balkan Tour Continues

The intenational Balkan long championship took place in Tsirkvets i Iglavogradu (awesome place well-known for its rendering plant). The competiton was tough from all of the Balkan countries and belonging territories like Hungary and Slovakia. Also many Czech competitors arrived to prove their skill in the terrains of Bulgarian Highlands.

The mental power of His Majesty was at very high level because of Freud cereals. The Elite final (H21E) was really close according to Our shameful performance. But lately some signs were uncovered that there were not so many runners being able to reach the highest level for Sunday race. So His Majesty had to content Ourself with the participation in H21D. (This category is very similar to D21H. That means adult gynander like Caster Semenaya.)

We are not sure if the name of city Třešť is from Bulgarian word „distillate“ or „punishment“ but this two words together are like synonym to the place of Our accomodation. Exactly His Majesty were not accomodate at all. We spent the whole night by the local tradition – Iglavograd hedgehog hunting. It was very exciting experinece but We warn You not to mix hedgehog hunting with hunting for Rudolphus little-deer...

So that was another Balkan experience. We would better not write about Our Sunday „run“. You can look in the results if You want to see another wretched race of His Majesty.

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