Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Velič's Paradox

I've visited Karlštejn two times recently. Last weekend during SCM training o-camp I learned two thhings: first - I am sucking o-looser (no shape, no mental power, no concentration) , second - Karlštejn is a baroque mansion... But yesterday Karlštejn was neogothic castle. WTF! Maybe the problem was in my consumption. My hint: never drink curacao after 3 AM...

But that was only prologue. On Saturday I tried harder. But warning: drinking 13 beers can cause misfortune. Anyway combination of Havana club and Griotte is not as good as it could look like. My misfortune was that I had to buy special ticket for my monkey which hung over into cat during my journey to Caput Regia.

The final highlight: Meeting my real ex-girlfried in the mass transit. I was brutally bailed like sailor, she was returning from Sunday's worship. Looks like one of us has lost the right way. Anyway if you want to meet some unreal ex-girlfriends than visit

That's all. Red and White pride is calling me for another crushing victory! (I hope our players will stay on the pitch, like Blažek, Pudil and Abraham did in 2006, info here)

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